Swimwear care: 5 tips on how to do it right with bluu

Bademode pflegen: 5 Tipps, wie es richtig geht mit bluu

Due to external influences such as sunscreen, salt water and chlorine, bikinis and swimming costumes can quickly wear out, elastics can become crumbly and unsightly yellow stains can appear. Especially after a summer holiday, you realise how essential proper care is for the longevity of your swimwear.

#1 Rinse bikini well

After each wear, rinse your bikini with fresh water to remove salt, sand, sunscreen and chlorine. Simply rinse it under running water and gently squeeze out excess water. This will keep the fabric clean and reduce fading.

#2 Wash by hand

If you need to wash your bikini, it is recommended that you do so every three wears. Use the bluu laundry sheets and hand wash by soaking the bikini in lukewarm water with mild detergent and then gently squeezing. Avoid rubbing or twisting the bikini or swimsuit as this can damage or distort the fabric.

#3 Lay it out to dry

Never leave your bikini to dry in the sun. UV rays can damage the fabric and increase fading. Instead, dry it in the shade on a flat surface. Avoid wringing your bikini or swimsuit, as this unnecessarily strains and warps the fabric.
Tip: Squeeze out excess water with a towel by placing the towel on the bikini and gently rolling it up.

#4 Treat stains with care

Avoid applying sunscreen or oils directly to your bikini as they can cause stains. If you want to remove stains such as wax, sunscreen, deodorant marks or other residues, you can use bluu stain soap. Wet the affected area, rub the stain soap in and let it work for a short time before rinsing with water. Note that you should test the stain soap on an inconspicuous area first to make sure you don't damage the fabric.

#5 No tedious draining

For on the go, travelling, our laundry sheets are ideal. They fit perfectly in any luggage and can be taken anywhere without the hassle of draining ;-) What's more, you can simply dissolve the washing strips in a bowl of water and do the washing by hand. Always and everywhere.

For the sake of the environment

Washing your bikini correctly can not only help it last longer, but also reduce your environmental impact. According to one study, the average bikini is washed 15 times a year. To minimise your environmental impact, we recommend reducing the number of washes to 5 per year. If you assume that a bikini is worn for 5 years, this would mean a total of 25 washes. By doing this, you could reduce the environmental impact over the use phase by up to 66.7%.
In addition, you should use green electricity to further reduce the environmental impact. By combining these two measures, you can reduce water pollution by 28.2% and global warming potential by 14.8%. Switching to green electricity can also bring further savings of 9.4%.

Overall, by taking proper care of our bikinis, as well as choosing quality, long-lasting products, we can help reduce our environmental impact and make our clothes last longer. This way, we can not only wear our favourite bikinis over and over again, but also help protect our environment.

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