About Oy


The story of Oy and the surf bikini that stays on.

The reason for the foundation for Oy was, as so often, a frustrating experience, frustration that no surf bikini on the market actually met our needs and demands: either it slipped, was uncomfortable, made of cheap material or just looked terrible. So we got tired of compromising and decided to take things into our own hands and founded Oy in 2012 in Switzerland and Bali.

Since then, we have been developing and producing surf and activewear that meets exactly this high demand for functionality without compromising on design. All over the world we supply various stores and loyal customers with our popular, high-quality and durable bikinis, leggings and yogawear. Our surf bikinis, the Signatures, are designed so that even after years the same product with the proven support can be found with us.

In 2012, our production initially started in Bali. However, since we source our recycled fabrics from Europe, we decided to move production to Portugal. This allowed us to reduce the transportation of materials and products by quite a bit, thus reducing our overall environmental footprint by quite a bit.

Since 2020 Oy is managed by the siblings Zelia and Dario Zadra, based in Zurich and Berlin. Both are enthusiastic surfers since their earliest youth, know the surf scene and culture and know what makes surfers’ hearts beat faster. Besides Zelia and Dario, there are many faces and a great team behind Oy, forming a like-minded community.

By the end of 2020, we were longing for change, we found ourselves anew and became aware of what Oy really stands for. Nothing has changed in our mission: Functionality without compromising on design. Oy is the sustainable surf bikini that stays on – only better! By 2021 we present ourselves with a new logo and optimized products.

Focus on functionality and quality

What makes Oy products stand out is their ultimate functionality, quality and flexibility. The Surf Bikinis have the perfect fit and offer maximum support without restricting freedom of movement.

Most of the Oy surf bikini tops have fixed and crossed straps at the back. This eliminates pressure on the neck, leaves the shoulder blades free for the perfect range of motion and ensures that the surf bikini stays in place. Oy’s various surf bikini bottoms provide great coverage. The practical waistbands can be tightened according to need or feeling, guaranteeing optimal support.

Although we are focused on the surf scene, we have also designed various complementary products such as leggings and tops with functional cuts and great design for athletes and yogis.

Production & Design at Oy

Oy products are manufactured in Portugal by a small family business under fair working conditions. We use only the most durable and highest quality fabrics, all sourced in Europe. This way we ensure that the surf bikinis last for a long time without losing their shape and color.

OY products are developed and designed in Switzerland. Our expertise and background in product design, paired with our passion for surfing, allows us to put a tremendous amount of know-how into the development of the products.

Oy sets great value on sustainability

We are always looking for new innovative materials, ideally based on renewable or natural resources. We strive to produce products with the smallest possible impact on nature that are still high performing. The fabrics we use for our surf bikinis and leggings are mostly made from recycled yarn like Econyl® and recycled polyester. In the future, we want to achieve a circular economy where our products can be 100% recycled. We write more about this on the page about our actions to have the least possible impact on nature.

Engagement, Acknowledgement & Partners

The social and environmental impact of our products and work is important to us. Therefore, we participate in and commit to various campaigns, projects and organizations. To communicate our values and visions as widely and sustainably as possible, we also work with partners time and again. With these partners, we form a community of like-minded brands with a strong focus on sustainability.