Surf Bikinis & Swimsuits

For many years now, our Signatures surf bikinis provide support and reliability for all you surfers out there. Given the long story of success, this year's collection highlights the fact that it has always been about you! You are the center of attention, the reason for our creation and the motivation to constantly improve.

As a key piece of this celebration and this year’s print design, we chose the hibiscus flower, a well known symbol not only in the surfing community for beauty and strength. In some cultures it is also a royal icon, therefore in our eyes a flower like a crown for our surfing queens.


We stand together, a kingdom of queens.

Like a flower with its colorful petals that come together to create a striking and harmonious bloom, women in surfing stand together as like-minded surfers that obey the same values that form the foundation of this, our sisterhood: respect, support, empowerment, and independence.

The warm and harmonic color palette of the collection symbolizes the unity and harmony that exists between sisters, along their individuality. 

Bikini Pads, Polstereinlagen
Bikini Pads, Polstereinlagen

Following the feedback of our community, we decided to give two of our tops an update: Esox and Dace can now be fitted with pads. For reasons of sustainability and the avoidance of waste, the decision is up to you, as pads are not for every surfer. We only ship them if you integrate them in your order.