Ambassador Marion Guillet

Ambassador Marion Guillet

Marion was born and raised in Madagascar. To this day, she’s super thankful that she got to spend her childhood in such a unique place, close to nature and surrounded by a mix of lots of different cultures. After finishing high school, she moved to Paris to study and now lives in the Biarritz area, an inspiring place for surfers, entrepreneurs, artists and open-minded people in general. Surfing is part of her everyday life, and if she’s not traveling, you will most likely find her somewhere around "La Côte des Basques", a busy but very fun spot, which is super close to her home.

She works in marketing, and she recently launched, a sustainable online shop that focuses on sport, health, and beauty. This online concept-store was born from a desire to bring wellness and health into the mainstream, and to take these different facets of health into our own hands.

Oy Ambassador

Where is your favorite wave?

I have a favorite spot in each country I've visited, but some of my favorites are definitely the reef breaks in Madagascar, Nicaragua, and Indonesia.

What’s your favorite surfboard?

I love surfing my 9'3 nose rider longboard, and my 7'2 single fin mid-length, they both feel like magic carpets.

What’s your favorite Oy piece?

I'm crazy about the fit and the colors of the "Orfe". I have a brown and a dark green one. I feel so confident when I wear them, even outside the water.

Who is the most inspiring surfer to you and why?

I can spend hours watching Josie Prendergast or Lola Mignot surf. They are so graceful and natural, with such great control and style.

What inspired you to start surfing?

I watched Blue Crush in 2004, haha. No, but seriously, growing up on an island and frequently traveling to La Reunion, which used to be a famous spot for surfing, I came in contact with surfing pretty early on in my life. I just loved the vibe. Also, my mum always told me that in life we needed to make our dreams happen, and when I was 14, she asked me what my dream was. I told her: “surfing!”, so she signed me up for some classes. That was not easy to find in Madagascar back then, and is still rather difficult even today.

How does surfing make you feel?

I looooove surfing, I'm obsessed with it, and it affects the way I choose where to go on vacation and how I plan my week. I had to move away from Paris because I felt like I was going to suffocate, and I just wanted to live my dream life every day, and not just on holidays and weekends! Surfing is better than any other form of therapy for me, and I’m so happy I found this.

What are your passions, and how do they impact your life?

I love sports, mainly surfing, but sports in general, it’s just so good for my mental and physical health. I also do a lot of yoga, which hopefully helps me to still be able to surf when I’m 75 years old! Thanks to being active, I have met some incredible people! Something else I really love and enjoy is learning languages. I enjoy taking classes, reading books and, of course, traveling to practice. Then there’s this one project of mine I’m really passionate about: I offer vintage tableware rentals and table styling service, which is called @compotierstudio. I enjoy spending time on flea markets and online, trying to find nice pieces.

Our Story, Our Promise

I'm crazy about the fit and the colors of the “Orfe”, I have a brown and a dark green one. I feel so confident when I wear them, even outside of the water.

Fun facts about Marion

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The sun! In winter, it's so hard to get out of bed in Europe, whereas in a tropical country, I can easily get up at 5 am without even setting an alarm. I’m more of a morning and daylight person, so it makes me very happy to get my things done, while also being able to squeeze in a sports session, to socialize and to eat good food.

What’s your age and your wannabe age?

I'm 31 and I'm exactly where I thought I would be, in Biarritz, surfing. Getting older isn’t particularly seen as something “romantic” in our society, so I think it’s even more important to embrace every stage of our lives! I’m at an age now, where I finally feel confident being myself when entering a room, without paying attention to other people’s opinions and focusing on what I love. I know where I want to go and that no matter where that will be, I’ll always find my way. I’m grateful for my body and live more in the present than a couple of years ago.

What is your preferred method of communication?

I love writing and receiving postcards! But I also really enjoy social media, it enabled me to connect with some absolutely amazing girls that share the same interests as I. Oy also played a major part in that!

If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

Certainly an adventure book about a remote place with its local people! Definitely something I'm not ruling out!

What is the most fascinating fact you know?

Coconuts are 10 times more dangerous than sharks, don't sit under a coconut tree!

What is your most treasured possession?

Of course, I like to dress nicely and have some good surf boards, but I would say I’m not a materialistic person. I’m very clumsy and forgetful, and I often lose and break my things, so I prefer not having too many things I could get too attached to. It makes me more free. Also, I’ve been moving to a new place almost every 2-3 years and wasn’t always able to bring a lot of things anyway, so I don’t own much and resell anything I don’t use anymore.