Ambassador Lorena Mazzola

Ambassador Lorena Mazzola
Lorena was born and raised in Lima, Peru’s Capital, a fantastic surf spot year-round. Lima is covered in a constant cloud of gloomy gray all year long. That's why the city is also called “la gris” – the gray city. But Lima feels anything but gray: There are so many beautiful, colorful and charming parts to this city, and the food is great, something Lorena particularly enjoys about Lima! She loves to reminisce about her childhood in Peru: running the streets and climbing the trees barefoot all day long. She and her family now live on the beautiful Canary Island of Tenerife, a place with nice weather year-round, surrounded by the Ocean and volcanos. Moving there was one of the best decisions she’s ever made, and there’s no place she’d rather call home.
Oy Ambassador

What’s your home break?

My friends and I call it “muellecito”. When we started surfing it, there was almost no one else there, since the waves are a bit too small to ride your shortboard. But if you trade your shortboard for a longboard, it’s just perfect, and it became our favorite playground.

What’s your favorite wave?

It’s difficult to choose since there are so many good ones. But one of them is definitely Puerto Viejo in Peru, a very long left. The locals are super friendly and there is a very high chance for you to share your waves with dolphins, they are mostly there in the afternoons. Also, after a long day of surfing, you can find some really incredible food on this beach, fresh and tasty.

What’s your favorite board?

My Indio Jeronimo, it is a Pukas surfboard. I absolutely love this amazing board. It’s a 9’4 noserider in red… hermosa! For some reason, all my surfboards are red, I don’t know why!

What’s your favorite Oy piece?

Uhh, this is such a hard question to answer! I really love all the pieces, but some of my favorites are the Tope and Esox pieces. It’s so great to go surfing and being able to wear something that doesn’t slip or even fall off! Other pieces I really like are Blay, and a couple of older one-pieces. 

Who is the most inspiring surfer you look up to and why?

I think there are a lot of very good surfers from all over the world and I love following them on Instagram. I really like Ambre Victoire, Lola Mignot, Marina Carbonell, Kelis Kaleopaa and so many more. However, my best friends are my greatest inspiration. I learned a lot from them, and we share many years of surfing together, and to this day, they still motivate me to keep going every day!

Our Story, Our Promise

Some of my favorites are the Tope and Esox pieces. It’s so great to go surfing and being able to wear something that doesn’t slip or even fall off!

What is your connection to Oy?

I became part of the Oy family about 7 years ago, when I met Oy founder Zelia at a photo shoot. I have seen the brand grow for many years now, and I’m still as happy as at the beginning, to have the opportunity of participating in this beautiful project.

If you could give your 20-year-old-self one piece of advice, what would you say?

Believe in your dreams and don't ever let them go. Do you want something? Go and get it, you can do it!

What is your morning routine?

I wake up pretty early in the morning, bring my children to school and go to the gym for about an hour to an hour and a half. Then, I work for a couple of hours and go pick up the kids from school. If there are good waves, my day looks quite different: I go surfing, I eat, and I go back to surfing! In the afternoon, when my kids are back from school, I like to go surfing with them.  So basically, I plan my daily routine based on the waves of that day.

What is your dream project?

My personal dream at the moment would be to travel to Peru with my kids and show them where I grew up. I would love to travel along  all of Peru’s coastline and surf its waves. The perfect way to finish this trip would be to travel to the Galapagos and watch the insanely beautiful sunsets there.

What is your favorite simple pleasure?

I really love and appreciate being in my house, all quiet. No music, no tv, nothing. Just peace.

What quote resonates with you the most?

Patience pays, just give it time. Also, I firmly believe in love, justice, more love and a lot of laughing!